1972 Norton (now sold)

I have had my 750 kickstart Norton Commando Mk IV since 2006. It was imported from Spain and completely rebuilt work includes the following:

1 Frame/swinging arm / yokes, gearbox cradle and engine plates powder coated Black/silver
Oil tank. Sundries resprayed black
Front engine plate re machined to take vernier Isolastic
Vernier isolastics fitted (front and rear)
New steering head bearings/ Steering lock assembly
Swinging arm spindle/bushes/seals
2nd hand roadster petrol tank
New fork stanchions/seals, bushes etc.

2 Engine
NEW main bearings, big ends, conrods, crank
bolt set flywheel set, oil pump, timing chain, tensioner, rebore and pistons, head beadblasted.
replaced valves, springs, guides, seats recut.
tappets, spindle covers, rocker feed st/st.
Push rods, head bolts, barrel nuts.
Engine bolt set.
Exhaust ports welded and re-threaded.
NEW carburettors/cables/Air filter surround and end plate.
Ignition lock barrel, Boyer ignition, wiring harness (main)

3 Gearbox
Casing welded, new mid section, new bearings/ two replaced gears, seals.
Layshaft ground for needle roller conversion
Kickstart, gear lever.

4 Primary
New clutch plates, centre bearing, clutch adjuster
Alternator rotor

5 Ancillaries
NEW mudguards, chain guard, rear chain
Speedo rebuilt with Mph disc speedo and rev counter cables.( I have had speedo rebuilt again as the miles were hard to read
Handlebars, exhaust pipes, silencers, clamps, silencer mountings/carriers
Oil filter kit
Wheels rebuilt- new Akront rims, St/st spokes, brake shoes, tyres, tubes, bearings and seals. Wheel spindles etc zinc plated

NEW headlight, headlight brackets, battery & fasteners, dual seat (recovered)
Many new st/st nuts, bolts and wheel adjusters.

Last picture credit: montage of photos sent by Pete who did the rebuild, thanks mate!

Engine and frame matching numbers 200623.
Clock faces were replaced as stated above, someone asked if they were solid green globe graphic, no, they are the black and green hatched, later faces.

I have had petrol tank and side panels resprayed recently, tank internally cleaned and re-treated, bike serviced by Norvil and Pete Lovell.

email james -at- tregaskis dot org if interested. I live in London N1 - please get in touch.